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Posted by Edmonton Tsunami at Sep 12, 2015 2:14PM PDT ( 0 Comments )


This Monday u12, u14, u16 & u19 boys and girls start the season with dry land training at 6:30pm-7:30pm at Whitmud Park.

Kids should wear outdoor gym clothing.

Please try to arrive 15 min early so that we do not lose any training time.

Follow these directions and keep your eye open for our Tsunami gathering:

Take Whitemud Drive until exit of 122 Street,
Take exit South on 122 Street, then take short drive about 150 meters and turnonto Rainbow Valley Rd NW
Go downhill towards Snow Valley Ski hill, but do not go under Whitemud, watch on the left side for parking, just like on this map,-113.5674792/53.4818696,-113.5529359/@53.4808191,-113.5538504,349m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!4m1!3e0?hl=en

For a bit detail map please look at this google map,-113.5638743/53.4818696,-113.5529359/@53.479199,-113.5538504,15z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e0?hl=en

NOTE: Pups/u10s start the season on September 23 with their first practice at Terwillegar Recreation Centre at 7pm-8pm.

Please bring along your registration papers (registration papers) and fees and fundraising deposit cheques (fees & cheques). We will have a table attended by members of the board during the 1st practice. At Whitemud Park it will be in the parking lot. At Terwillegar it will be in the pool area. This is where you can drop off the registration forms and cheques.

Practice times for the balance of the week for u12, u14, u16 & u19 are as follows:

Tues Sept 15 u12-u19 05:30PM-07:00PM NAIT
Wed Sept 16 u12-u19 6:30PM-8:00PM Whitemud Park
Thu Sep 17 u14-u19 09:00PM-10:30PM NAIT
Fri Sept 18 u12-u19 6:30PM-8:00PM Whitemud Park

Please note that we are amending the pool schedule in September and October to replace some of the late night practices at NAIT with daytime practices on weekends. Notices will be sent about any changes. The Teampages website will also be updated when these changes are made. Please keep checking the Teampages website for updates to the pool schedule.

Have a Terrific Season!

Edmonton Tsunami Water Polo Club is pleased to announce that scholarships are available to support athletes who are unable to pay for their training. Letters of required support are to be submitted to the Scholarship Committee. Please submit your letter to

In addition to Edmonton Tsunami Water Polo Club Scholarships, our great city has programming available to support families in need.

1.) Jump Start
Jumpstart funding helps families that need a financial hand with registration, equipment and/or transportation costs.

2.) KidSport
KidSport provides grants to children from families facing financial barriers so they can participate in registered sport programs.
The application is available under our registration documents.

We have extended our Early Bird Registration until mid-September. Don’t delay – register now!


•Polo Pups $315

•Atom $425

•Bantam $575

•Cadet/Youth$650 +5% GST if applicable, athletes over 14 after Sept-15-2015


•Polo Pups $350 ($320 + $30 AWPA registration)

•Atom $450 ($390 + $60 AWPA)

•Bantam $625 ($535 + $90)

•Cadet/Youth $725 ($635 + $90) +5% GST if applicable, athletes over 14 after Sept-15-2015


•Polo Pups (2006 & Younger)

•Atom (2004 & 2005)

•Bantam (2002 & 2003)

•Cadet (2000 & 2001)

•Youth (1997 – 1999)

•Masters (1996 & older)

To register, please fill online form

2015-16 Season starts on the week of September 14, for full dry land and practice schedule please check later practice schedule on our website.

Registration Process

  • Complete the online registration form on the club’s website, actual registration date for registration fees discount is based on the form submitted date.

    Online Registration Form

  • Download full 2015-16 Registration forms from the website, under Registrations folder:

    Forms to Print and Sign.

    Please print, read and sign all the forms required and bring them with your payment.

  • Registration Fees:

    EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION COST, For registering before July-30 2015:
    • Polo Pups $315
    • Atom $425
    • Bantam $575
    • Cadet/Youth $650 +5% GST if applicable, athletes over 14 after Sept-15-2015
    • Polo Pups $350 ($320 + $30 AWPA registration)
    • Atom $450 ($390 + $60 AWPA)
    • Bantam $625 ($535 + $90)
    • Cadet/Youth $725 ($635 + $90) +5% GST if applicable, athletes over 14 before after Sept-15-2015

  • Please write all necessary cheques, payable to the Edmonton Water Polo Club:
    • Registration fee, with current date
    • $300 Volunteer Deposit Fee, postdated on May-01-2016 (Polo pups are excluded)
    • 4 Bingo Deposit Cheques, undated in the amount of $90 each (Polo pups only one cheque)
    • One Bingo “No-Show” cheque for $150 undated (Polo pups are excluded)
    • One Casino Volunteer deposit cheque for $150 dated Nov-15-2105 (Polo pups are excluded)
  • Please submit all registration forms and cheques:
    • Drop off at the following addresses:
      • South Side at 2341 Hagen Link, Edm, T6R 0B2
      • West Side at
        • c/o Ray Frayne #102, 5300 50 Street Stony Plain AB, T7Z 1T8
        • c/o Ray Frayne 10476 Mayfield Rd, Edmonton, AB, T5P 4P4
      • North Side at 10606-175A Ave, Edm, T5X 6C1
    • In person, during practice times dates TBD:
    • Mail all forms and cheques to the club’s address

    If you have any questions, please contact us by email at

    2014-15 Season is now closed, please check website for registration process for upcoming 2015-16 season.