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Edmonton Water Polo Club is thrilled to announce that our head coach, Raine Paul, has been selected as the women’s 17U National Age Group assistant coach! Raine’s tireless work with Tsunami has led to many firsts for our teams and athletes which have not gone unnoticed by Water Polo Canada.

Leading up to this selection, Raine was invited to train in Montreal with the WPC coaching staff last June. Raine was also selected as the girl’s 2018 16U Team Alberta head coach. Then this past fall, she was selected as the Regional Training Centre coach for Edmonton and has been working closely with WPC’s NextGen Lead Coach David Paradelo.

Raine will be heading to Puerto Rico with the 17U National Age Group team in the fall of 2019. With this experience, we are confident that Raine will return stronger and more skilled than ever as the head coach of Edmonton Water Polo Club.

When you see Coach Raine on deck, make sure to congratulate her and let her know how much we appreciate what she is doing for our club.

Go Tsunami!

For those interested in AGNT programming, the most recent information can be found here:

Tsunami Welcomes Three Coaches

Posted by Edmonton Tsunami at Jan 25, 2019 10:53AM PST ( 0 Comments )

Tsunami would like to welcome three new Senior Coaches who joined our team this season. Chris Toy, Marina Radu, and Emily Riddle have all made an immediate impact at our club and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our programs.

To get to know these three outstanding mentors a little better, Tsunami wants to share a quick Q&A with each!

Welcome to the Team Chris, Marina, and Emily!

Chris Toy:

Marina Radu:

Emily Riddle:

Taylor Halbauer Signs NCAA Scholarship

Posted by Edmonton Tsunami at Dec 11, 2018 12:33PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Edmonton Tsunami is thrilled to congratulate Taylor Halbauer, who recently signed an NCAA water polo scholarship to Saint Francis University in Loretto, Pennsylvania! This is the first time Edmonton has ever had two NCAA water polo signings in the same season and we are all excited to watch Taylor thrive in this next chapter of her career.

In the fall of 2019 Taylor will join the SFU Red Flash as a centre forward where she plans to major in Psychology. Taylor’s passion for the game, love of competition, and resiliency when faced with adversity has distinguished her as not only an outstanding athlete, but a leader in our community. Posting one of the highest attendance records at Tsunami for the past three seasons, Taylor shows incredible dedication to her club and team on a daily basis.

Taylor has been a key component of Tsunami’s NCL programs for the past three seasons and steps-up when her team needs her most. Whether it be Championship Finals, overtime/shoutouts, and in the dying minutes of play, Taylor thrives under pressure. She is one of the most dangerous and creative centre forwards in Canada. In addition to the significant contributions she makes in the offencive end, Taylor has an instinctual ability to anticipate and read the play on defence, making her a strong two-way player.

Aside from the legacy Taylor will leave in Edmonton, she has an impressive provincial, national, and international resume. She is a three-time member of Team Alberta, two-time member of Canada’s Age Group National Teams, and has competed in the USA Water Polo Junior Olympics.

“We are super excited to have Taylor joining the Red Flash! Taylor’s international experience and talent as a true center will have an immediate impact on our program.”
- Jay O’Neil, SFU Women’s Water Polo Head Coach

As the two-time Edmonton Tsunami Female Athlete of the Year (2017 & 2018), Taylor has left her mark in Edmonton where she now gives back as a coach. For the pasts three seasons Taylor has embraced her coaching role with pride and acts as a strong role model at Tsunami.

“Taylor is an athlete that any team or program would be lucky to have. Her determination, unwavering loyalty, and competitive drive constantly impress me. Although it will be bittersweet to see Taylor graduate from Tsunami this spring, I am excited to watch her compete at this next level!”
- Raine Paul, Tsunami Head Coach

“Taylor is an exciting player to watch as she has the ability to score big when her team needs her. Her game is elevated when the stakes are the highest. She will be a wonderful addition to Saint Francis and I look forward to seeing her continued success.”
- Chris Toy, Tsunami Coach

Best of luck to Taylor in the future. Tsunami is proud of all your accomplishments and look forward to seeing you play at Saint Francis. Let’s go Red Flash!

Taylor Halbauer Awards and Recognitions:

  • Team Canada Youth World Championships (2018)
  • U19 NCL National Championships Bronze Medalist (2018)
  • MLWP NCL National Championships Silver Medalist (2018)
  • U19 NCL Western Championships Silver Medalist (2018)
  • U19 NCL Western League All-Star Team Selection (2018)
  • U19 NCL Western League Second Top Scorer (2018)
  • Edmonton Tsunami Female Athlete of the Year (2018)
  • Edmonton Tsunami U19 Girls Offensive Player of the Year (2018)
  • Team Canada Youth Pan American Championships (2017)
  • U16 NCL Western Championships Bronze Medalist (2017)
  • U16 NCL Western League Top Scorer (2017)
  • U16 Western NCL All-Star Team Selection (2017)
  • Edmonton Tsunami Female Athlete of the Year (2017)
  • Edmonton Tsunami U16 Girls MVP (2017)
  • U14 NCL Western Championships Gold Medalist (2015)
  • U14 NCL Western Championship Top Offensive Player (2015)
  • Team Alberta (2014-2017)

Lindy Justice Going to NCAA

Posted by Edmonton Tsunami at Nov 28, 2018 3:04PM PST ( 0 Comments )

On behalf of everyone at Tsunami, we want to congratulate Lindy Justice who will be playing NCAA water polo at McKendree University next fall!

Lindy is the first Edmonton athlete to accept an NCAA water polo scholarship since 2014. In the fall of 2019 Lindy will be moving to Lebanon, Illinois where she plans to major in Biology. As an outstanding student-athlete, Lindy has thrived in both the pool and classroom as an honours student throughout high school. Her organizational skills, work ethic, and drive make her a leader and role model at our club.

For the past eight years Lindy has been a major piece of the Edmonton and Alberta water polo communities. Lindy has won three NCL Western Championship medals, one NCL National Championship medal, and played for Team Alberta at the U14 and U16 levels. Moving beyond the Canadian landscape, Lindy has competed in four USA Water Polo Junior Olympic Championships with SB805 (Santa Barbara, California). Lindy gives back to her water polo community through her role as an AWPA provincial referee.

As an ASSA provincial gold medalist and record holder, Lindy brings incredible power to any team. In addition to her remarkable speed and endurance, Lindy is a playmaker through her physicality, offensive/defensive skills, and determination.

“You will be hard pressed to find an athlete with a stronger work ethic than Lindy. Lindy’s focus, coachability, drive, and leadership have distinguished her as one of Tsunami’s top female athletes. She sets incredibly high standards for herself and is never afraid of putting in the work to go after these goals. I have been very fortunate to coach Lindy for the past three seasons and know she is going to leave her mark on McKendree in the same way she has at Tsunami.”
- Raine Paul, Tsunami Head Coach

“Lindy has all the attributes to not only be a very successful water polo player, but also to succeed in life. Her sheer determination and willpower set her apart from others. It will be exciting to watch Lindy thrive as a student and athlete at McKendree.”
- Chris Toy, Tsunami Coach

“Lindy is one of the most hard working and dedicated athletes I have ever had the pleasure of coaching. She deserves every success. McKendree is gaining an amazing young athlete and I look forward to seeing what accomplishments the future has in store for her.”
- Tarilyn McAuley, Tsunami Coach

Not only has Lindy excelled in water polo, she also plays on four high school sports teams. Lindy is a member of the Vimy Ridge Academy volleyball, swim (2017 gold medalist and record holder), badminton, and track and field teams where she displays her remarkable athleticism across many platforms. Lindy was recognized as the 2017-18 Vimy Ridge Female Athlete of the Year.

Congratulations Lindy and best of luck next season at McKendree! Let’s go Bearcats!

Lindy Justice awards and recognitions:

  • U19 NCL Western Championship Silver Medalist (2018)
  • MLWP NCL National Championship Silver Medalist (2018)
  • Vimy Ridge Academy Female Athlete of the Year 2017-18
  • Metro Athletics Athlete of the Week (2018)
  • USA Water Polo Academic All American (2018)
  • Metro Athletics High School Swimming Gold Medalist (2017-2018)
  • Metro Athletics High School Swimming Record Holder (2017-2018)
  • Vimy Ridge Academy Athlete of the Month (2017)
  • Edmonton Tsunami U16 Girls Top Offensive Player (2017)
  • U16 NCL Western Championship Bronze Medalist (2017)
  • Rachor Trophy Winner: ASSA Provincial Championships Top 15-17 Female Award (2016 & 2017)
  • USA Junior Olympics Bronze Medalist (2016)
  • U14 NCL Western Championship Top Defensive Player (2015)
  • U14 NCL Western Championship Gold Medalist (2015)
  • Team Alberta Member (2014-2017)
  • ASSA Provincial Championship Gold Medalist (2007-2018)
  • ASSA Provincial record holder
  • ASSA Summer Games medalist

November Athletes of the Month

Posted by Edmonton Tsunami at Nov 10, 2018 10:09PM PST ( 0 Comments )

As the oldest high performance club in Northern Alberta with more than 115 members, the Edmonton Tsunami Water Polo Club strives for excellence. Each month our coaches will be highlighting athletes from our NCL Girls, U16 Boys, Provincial Girls, and Provincial Boys programs who have demonstrated excellence both at the pool and in their lives away from Tsunami.

Join us as we congratulate the five November Athletes of the Month and learn what makes these individuals such outstanding members of our Tsunami community.

Julia Zebak

Julia Zebak is an integral piece of the Edmonton Tsunami NCL Female Program. Her unwavering positivity, desire to experience as much water as possible, and persistency towards her goals make her an incredible leader and Tsunami’s NCL Girls Athlete of the Month!

This past month Julia traveled to Germany where she spent 10 days training with a club before competing in the U18 German National Championships where her team finished second. Julia is always looking for exciting opportunities to travel and play water polo. This past summer Julia was one of four Edmonton female athletes to be invited to the National Team Centralization Camp in Montreal. After a gruelling few weeks at Centralization, Julia headed to California where she was the only Tsunami athlete to compete in the Platinum Division at the 2018 Junior Olympic Championships.

Now in her grade twelve year, Julia is a role model for what it means to be a student-athlete as she balances elite water polo, extra curricular activities, and an academic average in the 90s. Julia will be a key player on two Tsunami NCL programs this season (U19 Women and Major League Women).

Congratulations to the NCL Girls Athlete of the Month, Julia Zebak!

James Glaser

Committed, focused, hard-working and driven: These are the words that describe our U16 Boys November Athlete of the Month. James Glaser is a member of Tsunami’s U16 NCL and Youth League Boys programs where he plays a leading role for both teams.

This past month James exemplified excellence and was recognized when he showed the greatest improvement in our monthly endurance test out of all our U16 and U19 athletes. James dropped six seconds (a full second more than the next best time improvement) from his average 100m sprint in this 15×100m test. This exemplary commitment to improvement was one of the many reasons James was selected to be a member of the 2018 Team Alberta program that traveled to Auckland, New Zealand this past July. James was the only male athlete from Edmonton to be selected for the team this year.

Aside from the role James plays as a player at our club, he has also taken on a leadership role as one of seven athletes involved in Tsunami’s Coaches Mentorship Program. James feels connected to the Tsunami community and wants to support the future of our club as he works directly with our U8 and U10 Pups Programs.

Thank you James for all that you do at our club and congratulations on being recognized as a November Athlete of the Month!

Findlay Gillies

Versatility and coachability are traits all Tsunami athletes are encouraged to exemplify. Findlay Gillies displays these attributes on a daily basis through his strong desire to improve, willingness to play whatever position his team needs, and steadfast work-ethic. For these reasons, Fin was selected as the November U16 Boys Athlete of the Month.

Fin is a member of our U16 NCL Boys team where he plays a multitude of positions. Centre forward, Defender, Attacker, Goalie: No matter the position, Fin thrives as a result of his desire to compete and willingness to attack new challenges. His athleticism and attitude have made him a go-to player for his coaches who are constantly impressed by his play.

On the Youth League roster Fin plays a different role: Goalie. Now in his second season as a goalie, Fin continues to act as the backbone of this U16 squad. Often acting as the glue that keeps the team together, Fin is a key piece of the Tsunami male program.

When not at the pool Fin is one of the many multi-sport athletes at our club. This fall Fin has balanced a gruelling Tsunami training schedule, Water Polo Canada Regional Development Centre Training, and being a member of his high school cross country team. Add to this the homework demands of high school, Fin accomplished a remarkable feat by achieving 98% practice attendance for September and October where he missed just one practice in the first seven weeks of training.

Congratulations to our U16 Boys November Athlete of the Month, Findlay Gillies!

Arabelle Vollman

Arabelle Vollman is Tsunami’s Provincial Girls November Athlete of the Month. Since joining the Tsunami family in September, Arabelle has exemplified excellence. She comes to every practice with a positive attitude and is ready to give 100%. Never afraid to ask questions, set extra challenges for herself, or to ask her coaches what she can do outside of practice to improve her game, Arabelle displays hard work and dedication day in and day out.

As a result of this exemplary attitude, Arabelle has received an invitation to play for Tsunami’s Youth League Female Team. As the youngest member on this squad, Arabelle makes major contributes at both ends of the pool. Always attacking the net aggressively and looking for opportunities to help her teammates on defence, Arabelle’s coaches are excited to watch her continue to develop this season.

When Arabelle is not playing water polo she finds other exciting athletic opportunities in the water. During the summer Arabelle competes in hyrdofoiling competitions around Alberta. Her fearless approach to situations make Arabelle an outstanding athlete as she is never afraid to try new things or take on new challenges.

Congratulations Arabelle for being selected as the Provincial Girls November Athlete of the Month!

Isiah Plaza

Tsunami’s Provincial Boys November Athlete of the Month is Isiah Plaza. Since the start of the season Isiah has shown his teammates and coaches what it truly means to be a Tsunami Athlete. He constantly displays dedication and hard work at practices. His commitment to making as many practices as possible has not gone unnoticed as Isiah is showing vast improvements in his game which has earned him an invitation to play up onto the U14 Boys Team. Whether it be making big steals on defence, attacking hard on offence, or taking a shift in the net, Isiah is both a dependable and electric player in the water.

Isiah’s work ethic at practice is contagious. Although he is a U12 athlete, his focus and drive make him a role model at both the U12 and U14 levels. Isiah has all the qualities that make him one of the most coachable athletes at the club.

Thank you Isiah for being a role model for your teammates and congratulations on being recognized as the Provincial Boys November Athlete of the Month!