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Summer Water Polo Has Started!

Posted by Edmonton Tsunami at Jun 6, 2018 11:10AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hello Tsunami! As we approach another beautiful summer in Edmonton, Tsunami will be running outdoor practices for June, July, and August! With a variety of different practices available, we hope to see everyone throughout the summer.

We welcome athletes to invite their friends, neighbours, and family members to practice with them! In fact, we will be handing out two 50% Off Registration prizes at the end of the summer! Every time you refer someone to try water polo this summer, or bring a buddy to practice, you increase your chances to win! The athlete with the most referrals at the end of the summer will win the first 50% Off Voucher. We will do a random draw for the second voucher. Every time you bring a different friend to practices your name will be entered. The more times your name is entered, the better your chances are to win!

Masters @ Mill Creek
Practice Times: Wednesday (9-10 pm) and Saturday (10-11 am)
Months: June, July, and August
Age Groups: NCL and Masters
Location: Mill Creek Outdoor Pool

Polo Pups @ Mill Creek
Practice Times: Saturdays 10-11 am
Months: June, July, and August
Age Groups: U8 and U10 (2008 and younger)
Location: Mill Creek Outdoor Pool

Queen Elizabeth Outdoor Practices
Practice Times: Tuesdays 7-8 pm
Months: August
Age Groups: U12, U14, and U16 (Athletes born 2003-2007)
Location: Queen Elizabeth Outdoor Pool

Oliver Outdoor Practices
Practice Times: Sundays 11 am – 12 pm
Months: August
Age Groups: U12, U14, and U16 (Athletes born 2003-2007)
Location: Oliver Outdoor Pool

Tsunami Wins Bronze at Nationals

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The Edmonton Tsunami U19 Girls ended their season on a high after a huge upset win over the defending National Champions, CAMO, to win the 2018 bronze medal at the National Championships!

Congratulations to this dedicated, passionate, and talented group of young women. You set a fantastic example for all your Tsunami teammates about what it means to embody our club values of growTh, reSpect, attitUde, excelleNce, dedicAtion, teaM, and passIon.

Not bad for Tsunami’s first appearance at the Canadian NCL National Championships!

On behalf of everyone at Tsunami, congratulations! Go Tsunami Go!


Provincial and Western Championship Results

After a busy month of tournaments, Tsunami is excited to share with its members the many club successes at Provincial and Western Championships. Congratulations to all U12, U14, U16, and U19 athletes! Your dedication, hard work, and passion for the game were evident throughout the year. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Year-End Awards Banquet on June 10th where we will celebrate the amazing teams and athletes at Tsunami!

The Tsunami* U12 Boys* team is definitely an energetic group, which served them well at Provincials when they needed to play four (yes, FOUR) games in one day! The team ended their season with a nail-biter versus the Edmonton Thunderbirds. Finishing just one goal shy of a bronze medal, the U12 boys played with intensity, confidence, and unity to close out their season. Congratulations Dylan, Lucas, Lars, Nolan, Alex, Maxsim, Nandor, Leo, Truman, Andrej, Noa, Isiah, Titus, Maksim, Patrick, and Nikki!

This season our U12 and U14 female teams partnered with the Parkland Polo Bears to form the Tsunami Bears! Arguably the most enthusiastic team in the entire league, the U12 Tsunami Bear girls really came together this season and were always an exciting team to watch. Join us in congratulating the 2018 Alberta Water Polo Provincial Champions: The Tsunami Bears! Relying on their speed, energy, and shut-down defence, the Tsunami Bears defeated the Edmonton Thunderbirds in a close 7-4 gold medal final! Congratulations to Tsunami athletes Kendra, Caysi, Perrine, Kennedy, and Keely, as well as our Parkland teammates Madeline, Rosa, Penny, Madison, Elaine, Taiah, and Haley!

The Alberta U14 Boys competitive field was incredibly close this season with the Provincial Podium being a possibility for all teams. Tsunami started the day with a showcase of defensive strength on both sides with only four goals to be scored in the entire game! Unfortunately, our U14s struggled to find the back of the net and fell 3-1 to the Calgary Wild. After a strong comeback performance against the Calgary Destroyers, the U14 boys also finished their season off with a great game against the Edmonton Thunderbirds and a 7-5 victory! Throughout the season the Tsunami U14 Boys showed resilience, determination, and a strong bond as a team. Great season Daniel, Will, Niksa, Sean, Fin, Sean, Luc, Wyatt, Sandro, and Maksim!

The* U14 Tsunami Bear girls* team is young, but man are they fierce! With only three athletes at the top of the age bracket, this team is possibly the most improved team at our club this season! With some fantastic leadership from the team’s “seniors”, Tsunami Bears took home the 2018 silver medal at the Provincial Championships which qualified them for the U14 Western Championships in Edmonton. Now competing with the top U14 teams from across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC, Tsunami Bears were ready to bring it! The girls played with pride, teamwork, and fervor to bring home a 6th place finish. Congratulations to our ever enthusiastic U14 girls: Ella, Darby, Chiara, Lilia, Amber, Rory, Brianna, Lauren, Tessa, Caysi, Kennedy, Keely, Kendra, Taiah, and Penny!

For the first time, Tsunami entered a team in the Alberta Water Polo Youth League this season. Tsunami’s U16 Boys team played against a tough field of teams throughout the year and always focused on playing their game. Alberta Open was an exciting weekend for the boys where their resiliency was tested. After a tough opening day, the boys battled back to bring home the bronze medal at the tournament! This season’s U16 boys are spirited and competitive. Congratulations Idreese, Alex, James, Finn, Blake, Drake, Santiago, Sean, Will, Luc, Sean, Sandro, and Wyatt! Tsunami also had three boys compete in the U16 NCL with the Calgary Torpedoes. James, Drake, and Finn, congratulations on an awesome season and fourth place finish at Westerns!

With the strongest regular season performance of any of Tsunami NCL team, our U16 Girls were a force to be reckoned with all year! Ranked second after the 20-game regular season, Tsunami was determined to bring home a medal in what was a very, very competitive U16 female division. With six out of the eight games at the Western Championships being determined by just one goal, all teams were going to need to fight for a podium spot which is exactly what Tsunami did. Finding themselves in the bronze medal match Sunday morning, the girls were hungry for the win. As a testament to just how close the season was, the bronze medal would be determined in a shootout. After a thrilling four-round shootout against Fraser Valley, Tsunami girls became back-to-back U16 Western Championship bronze medalists! Congratulations Alia, Lexi, Riley, Julianna, Mckenna, Bella, Ella, Abby, Cassidy, Gabby, Robyn, Gabrielle, Darby, Amber, and Lilia!

Tsunami also competed in the Alberta Youth League this season. Utilizing this platform for development, the Youth League Girls all experienced incredible improvement throughout the year! Typically playing without any subs, our Youth team was always ready to give it their all and showed great support for their teammates. Congratulations on your Youth League bronze medal Genna, Abby, Bella, Mckenna, Riley, Darby, and Chiara!

Tsunami’s U19 Boys combined with the Calgary Wild this season to compete in the Western NCL as the Tsunami-Wild. With all our U19 male athletes in either grade 12 or taking university classes, we applaud our U19 boys for their success as student-athletes. You set a terrific example for our younger generations! The Tsunami-Wild ended their season with an incredible display of grit and pride. After falling to the Calgary Torpedoes 10-5 at the half, our boys fought back in an exciting and faced-paced third and fourth quarters. Finishing just one goal shy (13-12 for the Calgary Torpedoes), Tsunami-Wild won the second half 7-3. Congratulations Milan, Diego, Moco, and Ethan on not just a great season, but a fantastic career with our club!

Tsunami’s U19 Girls made history this season by becoming the first Edmonton team to EVER qualify for NCL National Championships! This team set a very ambitious goal for themselves in September: Qualify for Nationals. Throughout the year these girls stayed focused on this goal and displayed unwavering dedication, an incredible work ethic, and a constant drive to compete to their potential. Entering Western Championships with a third-seed ranking, Tsunami knew their Nationals goal was within reach. Facing Pacific Storm in the semi-final with a spot at Nationals on the line, our girls did not let our 6-1 season record against Storm intimidate us. The game plan was simple: Win each quarter. First quarter: 3-2 Tsunami. Second quarter: 2-1 Tsunami. Third quarter: 3-1 Tsunami. Fourth quarter: 2-1 Tsunami. With a final score of 10-5, Tsunami secured a place at Nationals! Tsunami’s U19 girls are preparing and excited for Nationals in Montreal later this month. Congratulations Julia, Veronica, Taylor, Agustina, Lindy, Natalie, Gabby, Robyn, Cassidy, Alia, and Lexi! The girls are currently fundraising for Nationals, check-out their GoFundMe page!

Awesome season from all Tsunami teams!
Go Tsunami Go!

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2017 Tsunami Summer Practice Schedule

Posted by Edmonton Tsunami at Jun 19, 2017 11:37PM PDT

With July just around the corner, Tsunami is excited to announce our Summer Water Polo Practice Schedule!

Please email if you have any questions! With some great options for everyone, Tsunami hopes to see you at the pool this summer!


For the first time in Tsunami history, not only did the club have one U14 team qualify for the NCL Western Championships, but two Tsunami teams were present at Canada’s most elite U14 competition this year!

Tsunami’s U14 girls concluded their season with a silver medal finish at the U14 Western Championships which was the highest result of any Tsunami NCL team this season. As Alberta’s 2017 Provincial Championships, Tsunami’s U14 girls experienced an undefeated Winter League Season making them a team to watch at Westerns.

After a strong weekend with wins over Saskatchewan’s Team Prairie, British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, and Alberta’s Calgary Seawolves and Calgary Mako, Tsunami earned a spot in the Championship game. Although Pacific Storm came out with the win, Tsunami’s U14 girls team had a terrific weekend.

“This was such a fun group to watch grow throughout the season and I feel very privileged to have been a part of the journey this year,” says Raine Paul, U14 Girls Head Coach. “This group of girls shows tremendous potential and I am so excited to watch them develop as a team in the future! Their work ethic, dedication, and bond as a team make them a dangerous team for anyone to play against. Storm may have had the edge on us this time…but I am already looking forward to a rematch in two years!”

With so many talented players, this U14 squad was successful this season because every girl stepped up and was determined to help the team succeed.

“Talk about a team with a ton of talent and potential. Wow, you would never guess from the way these girls play that this is their first year playing together,” says Chris Toy, U14 Westerns Assistant Coach. “Strong hole sets, a roster full of speed for the counter, dangerous shooters, an all-star goalie, and terrific teammates…this is definitley a team to take seriously. Skittles for everyone (the girls will understand)!”

Aside from the team’s success this year, Alia Burlock and Caylie Forrest were recognized for their terrific play this season. Alia Burlock won the Top Defensive Player Award at the U14 Western Championships while Caylie Forrest was named the Most Valuable Goalie at the 2017 John Csikos Alberta Open.

Congratulations to all athletes on this year’s U14 Girls Team:
1. Caylie Forrest
2. Camryn Forrest
3. Riley Zilkie
4. Bella Carriere
5. Lillia Kahanyshyn
7. Ella Cowan
8. Darby Haysom
9. Kennedy Seaborne
11. Abby Costantino
12. Alia Burlock
13. Mckenna Collinson
14. Kendra Justice

Tsunami’s U14 boys team also qualified for the 2017 Western Championships and ended their season with an 8th place finish at Westerns. Having the opportunity to compete against the strongest U14 teams in Western Canada was a terrific learning experience for this team and gave them a taste for the competition level they will face in the future.

“Their passion for water polo and hunger to learn is what make our U14 boys team so special. This group of boys eat, sleep, and breath water polo and their passion is inspiring for coaches,” says Raine Paul, U14 Boys Head Coach. “Although we had some tough games at Westerns, the boys used the experience to further motivate them to work hard and stay driven in their goal to become a competitive NCL team.”

Qualifying for Westerns was a huge success for this U14 team after they snagged the third, and final, Westerns qualification spot with their bronze medal at this seasons Provincial Championships. Tsunami is very proud of the progress this team made throughout the season and believes that their is a lot of potential in this team.

“The U14 boys are definitley a team full of promise. Their positive attitudes and dedication to the sport make them a team to watch in the future,” says Chris Toy, U14 Westerns Assistant Coach. “This squad has all the pieces necessary to one day be very, very competitive. I am excited to watch them grow over the next couple seasons.”

Join Tsunami in congratulating this season’s U14 Boys Team:
1. Findlay Gillies
3. Minh Nguyen
4. Alexander Gobeil
5. Sandro Nevesinjac
6. Drake Tinkler
8. James Glaser
9. Idreese Househ
10. Jacob Mydland
11. Luc Tessier
12. Sean Theriault
15. Alex Landshoff