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Tsunami Year-End Awards Sponsorship

Posted by Edmonton Tsunami at May 4, 2017 10:03AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hello Tsunami families!

This year Tsunami will be celebrating the success of our athletes through team and club awards at the end of the season. This will occur at the AGM/Year-end event. Our athletes put in a lot of work throughout the season and as a club we want to come together to celebrate their accomplishments as a Tsunami community!

The club is wondering if there is anyone who may have ties to a company who could be interested in sponsoring a club award. These are awards that will be awarded on an annual basis and are eligible to atheltes club-wide. Below is a list of the awards availible for sponsorship as well as a brief description of each.

If you know anyone who might be interested in getting involved, please pass this along to them and send any questions my way!


Male Athlete of the Year This award recognizes a male athlete who excels in both the classroom and the pool. Candidates for this award must be individuals who truly embody the Tsunami core values of growth, respect, positive attitude, excellence, dedication, teamwork, and passion. This award is voted on by the Tsunami coaches.

Female Athlete of the Year This award recognizes a female athlete who excels in both the classroom and the pool. Candidates for this award must be individuals who truly embody the Tsunami core values of growth, respect, positive attitude, excellence, dedication, teamwork, and passion. This award is voted on by the Tsunami coaches.

Student-Athlete of the Year This award goes to the grade 12 student with the highest cumulative high school average (ie. grade 10, 11, and 12). This is a celebration of a athlete who succeeds in the classroom.

Most Coachable Athlete This award goes to an athlete who every day comes to the pool with a terrific attitude, ready to work, and always looking for ways to improve. Candidates for this award must be coachable, hard working, and show a true passion for the sport. This award is voted on by the Tsunami coaches.

Most Dedicated Athlete This award celebrates an athlete at the club who has exemplary practice and tournament attendance. Both practice attendance and attitude are both taken into account for this award. This award is voted on by the Tsunami coaches.

Outstanding Leadership Award This is an award the recognizes the athlete at the club who acts as a leader and role model to all Tsunami atheltes. Recipients of this award must demonstrate sportsmanship, leadership, and work to build the Tsunami family. This award is voted on by the Tsunami coaches.

Teammate of the Year This award is given to an individual who the Tsunami athletes feel is a terrific teammate. Each athlete U12 and older gets to cast a vote for this award for the individual at the club they feel has great club spirit, is a role model, made them feel a part of the Tsunami family, and is an all around great teammate. This award is voted on by the Tsunami U12, U14, U16, and U19 atheltes.

U16 Girls Win Bronze at Westerns

Posted by Edmonton Tsunami at May 3, 2017 11:27PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Edmonton Tsunami Water Polo Club is proud to congratulate our 2017 U16 NCL Girls team on their third place finish at this year’s Western Championships. For the first time in club history Tsunami registered in the U16 female category and is thrilled to find the podium in our first NCL appearance at this level.

Tsunami upset the tournament’s first seed team, Pacific Storm, in the bronze medal match with a 10-7 win– their only win over Pacific Storm this season. This bronze medal game was the teams strongest performance of the year and a great way to conclude their 2016-17 season.

With only two athletes ever competing on an NCL team prior to this season, Tsunami’s U16 girls team’s success was a direct result of months of dedication, perseverance, and hard work from this outstanding group of athletes. After a tough start to the season with a 1-9 record, this Tsunami squad showed their resilience and not once lost sight of their goal to medal at Western’s.

“Both Tarilyn and I knew from the start of the season that this was a unique group of girls and felt that they were going to do something really special by the end of the season,” says Raine Paul, Tsunami U16 Girls Head Coach. “From day one this team supported, encouraged, and pushed each other to strive for excellence. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such an outstanding group of atheltes this season.”

With only three of the twelve members on this team moving up to U19 next season, this will be an exciting group to watch next season at the U16 category.

Aside from the strong performance of this U16 team, Tsunami would like to congratulate the following athletes on their individual accomplishments from the 2016-17 season:

Taylor Halbauer U16 Western Conference Top Goal Scorer (66 goals in 19 games)
Taylor Halbauer U16 Western Conference All Start Team Member
Lindy Justice 9th Top Goal Scorer in Western Conference (30 goals in 19 games)
Alia Burlock 12th Top Goal Scorer in Western Conference (28 goals in 19 games)

Tsunami 2017 U16 Girls
1. Tyler Forrest
2. Ella Cowan
3. Taylor Halbauer
4. Lindy Justice
5. Robyn Currie
8. Camryn Forrest
9. Cassidy Thorne
10. Bella Carriere
11. Alia Burlock
12. Angel LeBlanc
13. Aleah Okell
14. Abby Costantino

The Edmonton Tsunami Water Polo Club is excited to start perparing for next season. Part of the preparation process for next season includes working to expand our coaching staff! We are looking for passionate, dynamic, committed, and enthusiastic individuals to join this team! As a club committed to developing team-driven student-athletes, Tsunami coaches are expected to exemplify Tsunami’s core values and act as role models to the 100+ athletes at this high performance club. With a range of different coaching roles, Tsunami is a great fit for coaches of all skill levels.

Tsunami will be accepting applications until Monday, May 15th. Candidates selected for interviews will then be contacted. The 2017-18 coaching staff will be announced Thursday, June 1.

Below is a list of the various coaching positions the club will have next season:
– U19 NCL Males
- U16 NCL Boys
- U19/16 NCL Women/Girls
- U14 Provincial Boys
- U14 Provincial Girls
- U12 Provincial Boys
- U12 Provincial Girls
- U10 Community Boys & Girls
- U8 Learn-to-Swim
- Assistant General Manager (U12, U10, U8 Programming Organizer)
- Goalie Coach
- Endurance Coach
- Junior/Volunteer Coaches

If you have any questions contact our Head Coach, Raine Paul, at or (780) 499-3513

HUMA Summer Swim Registration February 21

Posted by Edmonton Tsunami at Feb 15, 2017 8:30AM PST ( 0 Comments )

Interested in staying in the pool and after the Tsunami water polo season is done???
If you love the water and enjoy the camaraderie of a team – come and join the HUMA swim club!

HUMA is a competitive swim club designed for youths aged 4 to 17, swimming at the University of Alberta’s West Pool. HUMA offers high quality professional coaching and technique instruction. Our coaches are NCCP certified and have extensive experience. As a summer swim program we run from May to mid August, with practices offered every weeknight. For further information check out our website: or contact Tracy Justice, HUMA Swim Club president at:

Registration for New Swimmers:
Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Time: 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Location: Kinsmen Aquatic Centre (in the spectator area near the score board)
Spaces are limited, registration will be accepted on a first come, first served basis upon receipt of the complete registration package by the Registrar (all signed forms and post dated cheques and/or e-Transfer).
If registration is full, a 2017 wait list will be started.

YEG Fitness Features Edmonton Tsunami

Posted by Edmonton Tsunami at Jan 9, 2017 12:42PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Edmonton Tsunami Water Polo Club was thrilled to host YEG Fitness at a practice in December. Be sure to check out the link to their January Issue where an article about the Edmonton Water Polo Club can be found on page 38! (Copy of the article also listed below)

A growing number of young Edmonton area athletes are
enthusiastically diving into water polo, arguably one of the
most demanding of all sports.

Combining the endurance of elite swimming, the physicality
of wrestling and the agility of gymnastics, water polo is
played in a two-meter-deep pool which requires players to
battle for the ball without touching the bottom. Consistently
rated among the most physically demanding sports, athletes
of the Edmonton Tsunami Water Polo Club find that
these challenges are what make the sport fun and keep
them coming back to the pool for years. With U8 programming
all the way to Masters water polo, Tsunami gives everyone
the opportunity to play.

For Jovan Kostadinovic, Tsunami U19 athlete, water polo
has been a major part of his life for the past ten years.
Throwing his first water polo ball when he was nine, Jovan
describes water polo as an exciting and action-packed
sport. Aside from his love for water polo, Jovan describes
Tsunami as his family, not just his team.

“I’ve made so many memories in the sport that I will cherish,
not only with my team but with players from opposing
teams,” Jovan says.

Water polo is played with 14 players in the water at a time;
six field players and a goalie for each team. Similar in tactics
to basketball or handball, water polo players must strategize
and work together to advance the ball up the 25-meter
playing field in an attempt to score on the opponent’s net.
While its basic objective may sound simple, the inability to
ever touch the ground makes it drastically more demanding
for players.

While Jovan and other Tsunami athletes have been playing
the sport for years, others may have had their first taste of
water polo in September at the start of a new season. Growing
from 57 athletes last season to more than 90 this year,
Tsunami is working to expose as many athletes as possible
to the fast-paced sport and offers free trials in hopes to get
more kids in the water.

The majority of Tsunami members are multi-sport athletes
and the club encourages them to stay involved in other activities.
While most are water polo players in the winter and
swimmers in the summer, others also compete in hockey,
football, basketball, Taekwondo, volleyball and cheerleading.
Riley Zilkie splits her time between cheerleading and competing
with Tsunami at the provincial level. Coming from a
swim background, Riley first tried water polo this past summer
and became one of Tsunami’s many new members this

“I started off at Tsunami as a newbie but all the coaches
and players welcomed me into their family,” says Riley. “I
usually don’t like sports but I honestly love water polo and
I will keep playing.”

Taylor Halbauer, Tsunami U19 and U16 athlete, is not new
to the sport. Starting as a swimmer, Taylor is now in her sixth
water polo season and her love and dedication to the sport
is infectious among her teammates.

Competing across western Canada and playing at the national
and international stage motivates Taylor and other
Tsunami athletes such as Kendra Justice, a U12 athlete.
With a long-term goal of being a member of the Canadian
women’s national team, Taylor’s coaches strive to help her
and other athletes achieve their goals.

“Our coaching staff feels very privileged to have the opportunity to
mentor and support our athletes,” says Raine Paul, Tsunami head
coach who has returned to Edmonton after playing four NCAA seasons
in southern California. “I can’t think of anything more rewarding
than helping an athlete achieve their goal and being a part of that
journey. We don’t take a timeout from being coaches just because
practice is over, we are coaches 24/7 because for us coaching water
polo isn’t a job, it’s our passion.”

Leah, a new Tsunami mom this season, is watching as her daughter
enjoys water polo and makes friendships with her new teammates.
“My daughter joined the Tsunami this year and was warmly welcomed
by the athletes, families and coaches. Having never played
before, her coach is ensuring she is learning the skills needed, and
is patient and encouraging with her development,” Leah says. “The
sport is amazing for the whole person, and our daughter is happy and
proud to belong to the Tsunami family.”

Whether athletes are returning for another season or putting on a
swim cap for the very first time, water polo is a great way to develop
swim skills in an interactive, safe and fun environment. As Edmonton’s
oldest water polo program and celebrating its 35th anniversary
this season, Tsunami hopes to see new faces at the pool soon.