Registration: Holiday Skills Camp

This form is not collecting results at the moment. Registration: Holiday Skills Camp does not collect results after 2018-01-07.

Registration: Holiday Skills Camp

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Direct any and all registration questions to Raine Paul at or (780) 499-3513


I, acknowledge that the Edmonton Tsunami Water Polo Club (EWPC) assumes no liability arising from personal injury, damages or loss of personal property while involved in or associated with any Water Polo Club activity. As well, I hold the club members, coaching staff, administrators or duly authorized persons harmless from liability and hereby authorize the above to take actions they deem necessary to correct, or attempt to correct, any situation which has resulted in personal injury, property damage or loss of personal property while involved with any Water Polo Club associated activity.

Consent for use of photographs, videos, etc

I understand that the Club, Alberta Water Polo Association and Water Polo Canada have a valid interest in taking photographs, video tape, and/or digital recordings of my child during camp activities, and to use these in any and all media to promote the Club and the sport of water polo, and I consent to this. I waive any rights to compensation and ownership thereto.

I am aware that by giving this consent, I am permitting my child’ first name and photos to be posted on the Club, AWPA and WPC websites or publications, and other venues.

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