Coaches Mentorship Program

Tsunami is excited to announce that next month we will be launching an eight week Virtual Coaches Mentorship Program! For the past three seasons the Tsunami Coaches Mentorship Program has been a pillar in our club planning. With more than 12 different coaches participating in this program we have seen young coaches gain confidence, develop strong leadership skills and take on key coaching positions within our local water polo community.


The Tsunami Coaches Mentorship Program provides coaches with opportunities to explore different coaching topics, collaborate with coaches from an array of different backgrounds and receive hands-on coaching experience. This eight week program will consist of weekly meetings throughout February and March where participants will come together to grow as coaches. Upon completion of the program Tsunami will assist coaches find in-person coaching opportunities where they will continue to grow as coaches and influence the next generation of water polo athletes in Edmonton.


To be eligible for our Virtual Coach Mentorship Program applicants must be born in 2006 or earlier. If you are interested in participating in this program please contact our head coach no later than Friday, January 22nd (


Below are a few of the topics our Virtual Coaches Mentorship Program with cover: 


  • Exploring Different Coaching Styles
  • Practice/Program Planning
  • Athlete Personalities & Learning Styles
  • Technical Drills and Focuses 
  • Establishing A Team Culture
  • Conflict Management
  • Adjusting your Approach for Different Age Groups 


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