Join the Edmonton Tsunami Water Polo Club as we congratulate James Glaser on committing to the University of Toronto Varsity Blues! James is the first male athlete from Edmonton to play collegiate water polo since 2014 and will make an excellent addition to the Toronto roster. James will begin his university career in the fall of 2021 where he plans to study Social Sciences.


For the past five seasons James has been a key player at Tsunami through his dynamic, creative, and fast-paced style of play. James began his water polo career playing for Socal Water Polo Club in Tustin, CA. After his family moved to Edmonton James competed with the Edmonton Thunderbirds before joining the Tsunami squad in 2015. Throughout his career James has proven his versatility as he competed with a variety of Canadian NCL teams throughout his career such as the Calgary Torpedoes, Calgary Mako and Team Sask. With each of these teams James proved himself through his competitive drive, eagerness to learn, and commitment to his sport. As a two-time Team Alberta athlete James developed with each team he played for which will allow him to become an immediate impact player at the university level.


With a diverse and quick-release shot, James has established himself as one of the top shooters in the Western U19 NCL Division. Always finding unique openings and scoring opportunities, in the 2019-20 season James found the back of the net 31 times (second goal leader on his team, fifth in the Western Division). As the 2018, 2019 and 2020 Tsunami Male Athlete of the Year, James has not only displayed that he is a talented athlete, but also embraced his role as a leader at our club.


Tsunami has been very fortunate to have James as a coach at our club since 2017. This season James joined the Riptides coaching team (U14 Boys Assistant Coach) where he brings his analytical and technical style of coaching to aspiring young athletes. Over the past three seasons James has grown as a coach and will be missed next season.


“I could not be more happy for James and know he is going to make an excellent student-athlete in the OUA. His athleticism, drive and work ethic will make an immediate impact at Toronto. James has been a role model for many male athletes in Edmonton and once again is paving the way for future athletes who aspire to play at the university level.”

– Raine Paul, Tsunami Head Coach


In addition to James’ success in the pool, he has also found success in the classroom as a full-time AP student throughout high school. James has balanced two highly demanding schedules throughout his NCL career and sets a strong example at our club.


“James is an incredible athlete. Over the years I have seen him grow tremendously as a player who’s drive to succeed and will be a great addition to the Toronto team.  James is a quick and dynamic player who has great offensive awareness. This strength allows him to be a major contributor on offense and I am looking forward to seeing him play for the Varsity Blues!”

– Chris Toy, Tsunami NCL Coach


“James has always been an exceptionally driven individual in and out of the water. He strives to make his teammates better every time he is in the pool and possesses a maturity beyond his years. Toronto will be rewarded with the presence of James and the sky is the limit with his attitude.”

– Vuki Ravosavljevic, Tsunami NCL Coach


Congratulations James on becoming a member of the Varsity Blues. James has earned this opportunity with his determination and being a student of the game. With his willingness to learn, he has expanded his game every year. He also has strong capabilities of becoming a leader which we have witnessed here at Tsunami. We all wish you good luck and can’t wait to watch you across the country.”

– Milan Laban, Tsunami NCL Coach


On behalf of the entire Tsunami family, congratulations James! Tsunami is excited for you to begin your collegiate chapter. Go Varsity Blues!

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