January Virtual Training

Hello Tsunami,


It was great to see so many ahtletes back with their teams tonight! We are looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.


As a quick summary of the meetings tonight we still have no updates as to when athletes may be able to expect to get back into the water however as soon as the club has any information on this we will provide families with an update.


As the coaches were planning our January programming out goal was to provide ahteltes with a highly flexible and customizable program which allows they meet their personal training goals while also staying connected to their club/team.


  1. Team Zoom Meetings – For January the NCL coaches will be hosting 10 different meetings throughout the month with a variety of topics and formats. Atheltes are asked to review the schedule and select the sessions that are most interesting for them or that work best with their schedules.

    The coaches ask that athletes select a minimum of 5/10 sessions but encourage atheltes to attend as many as they would like. Should you not be able to attend 5 sessions, please reach out to your coaches to see what other options may be possible.

    Please register for your sessions here so that coaches can accuralty plan based on who is registered for each meeting:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdc_H640ZENgkLwYBaJaldh-zMt_eOBt3AxQiDyghWeqDAHNQ/viewform

  2. TrainHeroic At Home Programs – With assistance from Goliath we have built out five different at home training programs for our athletes that will be delivered through the TrainHeroic app. These programs will each last for 6 weeks and consist of three workouts each week with an optional bonus workout structured in a Leaderboard/Weekly Challenge format for athletes accross the club to compete with each other.

    This is a great opportunity for athletes to keep their fitness up with customized home workouts, a pick-your-own workout schedule and an built in accountability system. To get atheltes set-up on the app there are a few different fees required so this program will have a $30 charge attached to it which works out to $5/week which is a great deal!

    Atheltes interested in participating in two programs are welcome to do and there will not be a cost for the secondary program.

    Please sign-up for the TrainHeroic program here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdVT_oCwjKixYMUomfgP-4BWlDcniOdYh7-UMzdx7A4yyZ66Q/viewform

    TeamHeroic Programs:

    • FULL BODY STRENGTH – This program will focus on strengthing all major muscle groups and great if you are wanting to increase your overall strength. Legs, core, shoulders, back and arms will all be focused on in this program.
    • LOWER BODY POWER – For atheltes looking to boost their strength and explosiness in their legs, this is the program for you. This program will focus on both strength and dynamic movements with an emphasis on legs, but also touch on full body conditioning.
    • UPPER BODY STRENGTH – Looking to improve your shot strength this season? Take advantage of this time at-home to build muscle and strength in your upper body. This program will require participants to have access to dumbells and resistance bands.
    • HIIT AEROBIC CONDITING – Did anyone spend too many hours on the couch or eat too many Purdy’s chocolates over the break? This program will focus on conditing and fitness while also developing overall strength and endurace. If you select this program, get ready to sweat!
    • FLEXIBILITY, MOBILITY & CORE – This is a great program for anyone new to dryland or home training who is looking for an introduction to Goliath programming. This program will focus on coordination, injury prevention and a great inroduction to the basics of home training.
    • Team Bonding – We want to provide the teams a few opportunities this month to connect through some team-lead events via Zoom. Coaches will work with athletes to set-up one or two opportunities throughout the month.


There is lots of information outlined above so of course please let me know if you have any questions,


The Tsunami Coaching Team

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