Registration Information

Registration Now Open

We are excited to announce our registration information for the upcoming season! We thank
our families for their patience as we had a delayed registration process this year but look
forward to returning to training and competition this year!

Athlete age groups

● U15 Bridge Program – Athletes born 2008 - 2011
● NCL Program – Athletes born 2004 - 2007
○ U17 NCL – Athletes born 2006 - 2009
○ U19 NCL – Athletes born 2004 and 2007
● MLWP – Athletes born 2006 and earlier (Exception: four (4) athletes born in 2007 are
allowed for Senior teams)

Coaching Staff

  • Edmonton Tsunami Head Coach -  Marina Radu
  • NCL Male Program Lead  - Marina Radu
  • NCL Female Program Lead  - More Info to Come
  • Bridge Program Head Coach (Male) -  Marina Radu
  • Bridge Program Head Coach (Female) - Kennedy Schoepp
  • Assistant Coaches - Vuki Radosavljevic, Emily Riddle, Raine Paul & Kennedy Schoepp

Training Schedule

MLWP - Monday, Thursday, Saturday

NCL Boys - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

NCL Girls - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

Bridge Program - Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Strength Training - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

NCL National & International Travel

Potential Out of Country Club Trip: Fall Break,  Verona, Italy

4 NCL U17 League Events

Nov 11-13: Regina, SK
Dec 2-4: Calgary, AB
Feb 10-12: Edmonton, AB
Feb 24-26: Richmond, BC

Total: $2200

Alberta Open Mar 17 - 19

Calgary, AB $450

U17 NCL Western
Championships -TBD, BC $775

U17 NCL Championships

June 1-4 Cornwall, ON TBD

U19 Club Championships

Major League Events

Dec 16-18: Surrey, BC
Jan 6-8: Calgary, AB


Major League Finals

Mar 31-Apr 2 TBD, Sk $875

Bridge Program Travel

Tournament of Courage

Jan 20-22, 2023 Coquitlam, BC TBD

AWPA U14 Provincial League

November - April Edmonton, Calgary &

Alberta Open Mar 17 - 20

Calgary, AB $450

NCL Western Championships

April 28-30 Calgary, AB $450

Registration Fees

Tsunami NCL Registration Fee

  • Full Time Athlete - $2,000                                  Fee with three bingo's - $1,700                                 Monthly Fee (3 bingo's) - $567

Tsunami Bridge Program Registration Fee

  • Full Time Athlete - $750                                         Fee with two bingo's - $550                                   Monthly fee (2 bingo's) - $184

Tsunami MLWP Registration Fee

  • Full Time Athlete - $1,100                                       Fee with 2 bingo's - $900                                       Monthly fee (2 bingo's) - $300

Fundraising Opportunities (Make It Possible Program)

Tsunami aims to support families by providing opportunities to ease the burden of club fees
through optional fundraising. The Tsunami Make It Possible Program is an excellent opportunity
to get athletes involved and help pay for their club fees. Throughout the season Tsunami will
offer a variety of fundraising initiatives which families can choose to participate in. With these
initiatives athletes can bank sales profits in their Athlete Account to use for club and other
Tsunami approved water polo expenses Here . Further information regarding the Make it
Possible Program will be communicated to all registered families in September.

For the 2022-23 season Tsunami hopes to offer at least four fundraising opportunities. If you are
willing to assist organize a club fundraiser or have any questions please contact our Fundraising
Coordinator directly.

  • Tsunami Fundraising Coordinator (Bill Bowers) –
  • Tsunami believes in the importance of youth athletics and aims to support athlete participation
    at all levels.
  • KidSport and the Canadian Tire Jump Start programs are excellent opportunities
    for families to receive funding to assist with sport fees.
  • To inquire about athlete grants and scholarship opportunities please contact our club president (

Canadian Tire Jump Start:

Additional Information

WPC/AWPA Registration and Fees

In addition to our fees athletes will be responsible for registering through the new Water Polo
Canada database and paying their WPC and AWPA fees there. For the 2021-22 season this fee
will be $90 for NCL athletes.
Bridge Program athletes should already have paid this fee through their community club and
will not need to pay it again through Tsunami.
Tsunami will forward the link and instructions for this registration process during the first week
of September. This process includes uploading your Respect in Sport certification (details below)
so please complete that ASAP.

Rookie Week Trial

The Tsunami Rookie Week is designed for athletes completely new to the sport born in
2004-2008. Rookie Week athletes will have the opportunity to join Tsunami’s first week of
practice to meet the team/coaches and get a feel for water polo. This one week free trial will
take place from September 19 - 26.

Should you have any additional questions
regarding the trial opportunities please contact our head coach: Tsunami Head Coach (Marina Radu) –

Respect in Sport Online Training

Alberta Water Polo requires that all families have at least one parent take the Respect in Sport
online training. This online certification costs $12.00 (valid for five years). Please ensure that
you complete this course prior to registration going live as you will need to upload your
certification number in order to complete your online registration with Tsunami. If you have
taken this training for another sport you can upload that certification number and do not need
to redo the course if it was completed in the last 5 years.
Please follow this link to complete the certification: Respect in Sport for Parents - Getting Started

Apparel Orders

This season Tsunami will collect all apparel orders through our Online Team Store (coming
soon). Orders placed before October 1 will have the full team store available with all size
options. After October 1 the online store will only show our instock sizes and will have limited
Each athlete will receive a t-shirt and a practice cap (male athletes upon request) with their




" The older I get, the more I realize how much I have learned from this sport and being immersed in the Tsunami culture. Tsunami has given a lot to be thankful for, many life skills I am proud of, and an abundance of memories and relationships I will always cherish. "



" Being a member of Tsunami taught me not just how to play a sport, but how to be a better teammate. Tsunami emphasized the importance of the student portion of being student-athletes by encouraging us to succeed both in the classroom and in the pool. "



" Tsunami was more than just a club to me, it was a family. When we had games, we went to battle together as brothers. Not only did my team push me to be my best in the water, they also wanted the best for me outside of the sport and taught me skills that I’ll be able to use for the rest of my life. "



" Being apart of Tsunami  was one of the best experiences I have ever had. At Tsunami I met some of my best friends and got to be apart of an amazing team. Tsunami taught me how to embrace new challenges, overcome adversity, and work as a team. "



" Tsunami has a huge place in my heart. Growing up playing with the club has taught me important lessons. For 15 years I have been with Tsunami and for 15 years I have worn the EWPC emblem with gratitude for everything that the club has provided me.  "



" I couldn’t have asked for a better experience at Tsunami. It is more than just my team, it is my family. At Tsunami you learn to trust and rely on others just as much as you learn to hold yourself accountable.  I cant wait to see how this club develops in the future. "


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