Meet the Team

The Edmonton Tsunami Water Polo Club is grounded by a diverse and experienced coaching staff. Our coaching team brings National, Olympic, NCAA, and Provincial experience to all levels of our club. Our coaches not only put an emphasis on athletic achievement, but community leadership and excellence in the classroom.

Raine Paul

Head Coach

Watching the club grow as a result of the tremendous efforts of a dedicated group of coaches, athletes, volunteers, and families has been really special. Tsunami has a unique culture that is respected across Canada and I am fortunate to be a part of that legacy. Tsunami strives to be innovative and I look forward to what the future holds for this dynamic and evolving club.

Christopher Toy

NCL Boys Coach

U14 Boys Coach

Marina Radu

U14 Girls Coach

 NCL Girls Asst. Coach

Emily Riddle

GoalIE Coach

NCL Girls Asst. Coach

Milan Laban

U12 Boys Coach

U14 Boys Asst. Coach

Vuki Radosavljevic

NCL Boys Asst. CoacH

Morganne Kratzenberg

U12 Girls Coach

Cassidy Thorne

Junior Coach

Lexi Marissink

Junior Coach

Robyn Currie

Junior Coach

James Glaser

Junior Coach

Darby Haysom

Junior Coach

Abby Costantino

Junior Coach

Jordan Taylor

Strength Coach

Jaco Labuschagne

Strength Coach

Coaches Mentorship Program

Tsunami is committed to growth and development. Not only are we passionate about the growth of our athletes and teams, but also the growth of our coaches. Tsunami’s Coaches Mentorship Program offers aspiring coaches hands-on experience, group meetings/lessons, and observation hours with Tsunami’s senior coaches. With a variety of opportunities available, the program aims to give participants exposure to all aspects of coaching.


This program is structured to empower coaches and provide them with the tools required to offer an exemplary water polo experience to Tsunami athletes. Practice planning, safety awareness, skill identification and correction, conflict management, and how to identify/manage different learning styles are among the many skills the Mentorship Program will equip coaches with.

For more information about our Coaches Mentorship Program please contact (